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A new approach to guitar tuition

Learn by playing - not by studying

Start playing your favourite songs from lesson 1

Build the correct technique

Learn all about music theory without boring exercise books

Enjoy making music and start playing with you friends

Stream all lessons for free or download -

Pay What You Can

Don't pay expensive subscriptions to companies who don't care about you

Pay What You Can

or learn for free

Don't waste your time scrolling through YouTube looking for what to learn next

Follow my structured step by step lessons instead


Start playing guitar today by learning with me,

a real life music teacher,

not an app

Download your lessons and learn anywhere on any device,

even without​ an internet connection.


Pay What You Can

Start playing today

Apps are great but they'll never replace a real life teacher


There are so many apps out there that promise to teach you how to play guitar which is great!

But all these apps force you to pay extortionate subscription fees

or expensive one off payments. 

'But that's ok - I get instant access to 1000s of lessons,

100s of ebooks and breakdowns for every song I can imagine... 

that's worth paying £160 a year isn't it?

Well... no!

We're all familiar with information overload and this is one of the main reasons people give up when trying to learn an instrument through an app.

There's too much to learn - too many lessons - too many songs

Where do you start?

And what do you do when you have a question? 

Email customer services and never hear back?


My lessons are structured in the best possible lesson plan I can think of for you to fast track your learning and start playing today.

Lessons developed and tested on real life pupils over 15 years of tuition.

Learn your favourite songs - all songs featured are requests from real pupils.

Each lesson has a dedicated practice PDF for you to download for free.

If you have a question or are struggling with anything then you can contact me directly for help or upload photos or videos for me to watch and give feedback on.

All this without ever asking you for a penny!

You can stream all my lessons for free or download and keep them forever for whatever price you can pay (Pay What You Can)

Stop trying to learn and start playing today.

You and me together.

You've got this!


Your 1st

guitar lesson

Start playing guitar today!
In our 1st lesson together I'll show you how to play the guitar with just 1 finger and learn your first 10 songs!
Grab your guitar and start playing.

Your 2nd

guitar lesson

Time for your 2nd lesson!
In this lesson we'll start using 2 fingers to play guitar.
Learn even more songs and start playing along with your favourite bands & artists!

Your 3rd

guitar lesson

Start playing power chords!
The power chord is the essence of rock! Once you know how to play it then you can play any song you want.
In your 3rd guitar lesson I show you everything you need to know to start playing the power chord today.

Your 4th

guitar lesson

Following on from the E string power chords we were playing in lesson 3, in lesson 4 I show you how to move your power chord shape on to the A string and therefore making it easier to change chords faster.
We're going to learn some awesome songs in this lesson!

Your 5th

guitar lesson

Time for our final power chord lesson. After this lesson we're moving on! In this lesson I show you how to find the letter names for each chord so you can find a song and play it!
Now we can start calling the chords by their proper names.

Setup videos

Get ready to start learning with these setup videos.
Learn how to tune your guitar, how to hold it, what all the parts are on your guitar, how to hold a pick and even how to choose your 1st guitar!
Once you are ready to learn start playing today by taking lesson 1.