What is Remote Recording?

Remote recording began as a way of recording or broadcasting live performances from remote venues. 

In recent years, with help from the internet, musicians have started to offer recording services from their own home studios - Remote Recording!

Why is this better for music makers?

Firstly you don't have to pay for expensive studios, technicians, producers or engineers.

With remote recording you are only paying for the musician's expertise and time.

You can record whatever you like, whenever you like.

Just upload your sheet music and guide track here and our professional session musicians will get recording!

Finally with remote recording you do not have to source the musicians, get them all to the same studio on the same day or have to arrange anything! Our musicians record in their own studios, at their own pace.

You receive high quality WAV files that you can just drag and drop into your project.

The future of recording is here.

Ready to upload your track?