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Bertie Webb - session musician

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What is Build Your Song?

Build Your Song is your one-stop-shop for music recording, composition & production. 

Set-up by Bertie Webb (professional session musician, composer & producer with over 15 years of recording experience) as an easy & convenient way for song-writers, composers and music makers to record their work remotely over the internet.

Over the years Bertie has produced and recorded on 100s of tracks for artists from all over the world and during that time he has been lucky enough to work with some amazing musicians.

By working together we can offer professional recording of any instrument in any genre or style.

To record with Build Your Song you only need to fill in one form!

No more searching for musicians on Fiver

No more booking expensive studios and producers

No more organising recording days/times

No more paying for downtime

Our musicians record in their own home studios.

Everything is included in the price - no annoying add-ons.

You receive 3 takes for each track you buy so you can choose your favourite, mix them to create your perfect take or layer them.

You own 100% of the copyright for every single take - you don't even have to credit Build Your Song or the musicians!

From individual instruments to full production packages we can help you get your track from idea to release!

How it works...



Using the form below tell us which instruments you would like.

Upload your guide track, sheet music or reference tracks, and any other information to help us during recording.



Our professional session musicians record your music.

Each instrument track is recorded 3 times, and all 3 takes will be sent to you!



Once your tracks are recorded we check them for quality and placement, then send you the high quality WAV files for you to drop into your project.



We work with professional session musicians from around the world so you can have as many instruments as you'd like! 





Double Bass


Flute & Piccolo 


Bass Clarinet



Rock & Pop

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar

Drums (acoustic & electric)


Piano & Synths

Acoustic Piano

Electric Piano





French Horn








Backing Vocals

Male & Female backing vocals offered in any style or genre.

From rock and pop to opera our singers can record your music.

Book multiple vocals and create your own remote choir!

& arrangements

If you are unsure of how to put together your sheet music then our team of professional composers are available to write parts for you, transcribe your playing into sheet music or arrange/expand on what you've already written!



When you record your track through Build Your Song you own 100% of the copyright for every single instrument!

We therefore do not have permission to feature past client's work on our website.

To give you an idea of what we do here are a few covers Bertie recorded, produced, mixed & mastered for fun...

The easiest & best way to get your music recorded...

Just fill in 1 form and we do the rest!

Add on mixing & mastering to receive your ready to release track. (We can even help you release your track free of charge!)

Get help writing up your sheet music or have us compose parts exactly as you want.

It's your music and we want it to sound how you imagine - be involved every step of the way.

From single instruments to full orchestra.

Contact us to discuss your music today!


From just £30 per instrument per minute.

Add as many instruments as you'd like.

You'll receive 3 takes per instrument so you can choose your favourite, layer them or mix them into 1 perfect track.

Add on mixing & mastering from just £50


Arrangements & orchestration from £20

Full production services available from £250


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Ready to build your song?

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If your track is longer than 5 minutes please contact us for a quote