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Which guitar is right for you?

Learn about the different types of guitars and what they are used for.

What is the best guitar for beginners?

What guitar should you learn on?

Which will you choose?

Choose the right guitar YOUTUBE
Parts of the guitar YOUTUBE thumb.jpg

The parts of the guitar

Learn about your instrument. In this lesson I explain all the parts of the guitar so you know your instrument a little better.

Where's the nut?

What does the bridge do?

Learn all this and more!

How to hold a guitar

What's the best way to hold your guitar?

What if you are left handed?

What goes where?

In this lesson I explain all! So grab your guitar and let's talk about how we hold them.

How to hold a guitar.jpg
How to hold a pick YOUTUBE thumb.jpg

How to hold a guitar pick

There are several ways guitarists hold their picks. In this lesson I introduce you to some of the most popular ways so you can see which feels right for you!

How to tune your guitar

We're nearly ready to start playing!

But first we need to get our guitars in tune.

In this lesson I show you how to tune your guitar in standard tuning so you are ready to rock!

How to tune your guitar YOUTUBE
How to tune without a tuner YouTube-thum

How to tune without a tuner

We don't always have a tuner to hand so it is really important that you know how to tune by ear.

In this lesson I show you the 5th fret technique to easily get your guitar in tune even without a tuner!

Strap stuff!

So you want to play standing up?

Then you're going to need a strap!

But how do they work? Which ones are best? And how do you install one if you guitar doesn't have a button?

Let's talk straps...

How to get a pick out your guitar-YOUTUB

How to get a pick out of your guitar

We've all been there - you're rocking away and suddenly drop your pick into your sound hole!

But how do you get it out?

Here's my little track...