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What to do...


Download the guide track & music

Click on the project title above to download the sheet music and guide track.


Your download will start automatically. 

Download not working? Let Bertie know


Record your part

Once you have practised your part it's time to record!

Import the guide track into your DAW and record in time with the guide using headphones.

Once you have recorded your part and are happy with it export your stem as a 48khz WAV file.

Not sure how to export your stem? Let Bertie know



Now your WAV file(s) are ready upload them to the shared Dropbox folder by following the link below.

Any issues? Let Bertie know

File too big to upload? If your file is too big to upload then you will need to sign-up to a file sharing service, upload your files and then

send Bertie the download link.

How to record