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Track requests

We are currently taking submissions for our 1st proper project!


We are looking for works that will feature all our players.

We welcome composers with compositions for full orchestra to submit their scores for consideration.

If you have an exciting score, with a catchy melody that would be suitable as our 1st recording then we want to hear from you!

If chosen we will record your composition, our engineers will mix and master the recording and send you the final track for you to release.

We will also release your track under our own name.

Submit your music for consideration by filling  in the form below.

How it works...


upload your music

Submit your music for consideration by filling in the form below.

You can upload a PDF of the score and an MP3 midi playback or send us a link to your music hosted elsewhere.

(please note there is a 5mb upload limit.)



If your piece is chosen for recording we will be in touch to discuss your music. We will then record your piece, mix and master the audio.


WE SEND YOU YOUR recording

Once the track is finished we will send you the lossless WAV file for you to release. We will also release the track under our own name.

What is The e-Ensemble?

The e-Ensemble is made up of musicians from all over the world.

We record music for composers of any style and genre.

Each member records in their own home studio and then our sound engineers mix these recordings together so you get a finished, ready to release, recording of your music.

There is no cost for composers!

By sending us your music you are agreeing to let The e-Ensemble record and release your music under their own name.

All recordings are copyrighted & controlled by The e-Ensemble.

You keep 100% of the copyright of your score.

Submit your music for consideration by filling  in the form below

Bertie Webb - session musician

Submit your music.

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